Valentine’s Day cocktails with Cranes Liqueur

Try adding a twist to your romantic Valentine’s meal this year, with the tarty fresh Cranes Cranberry and Blood Orange Liqueur.

If you’re planning the perfect romantic night in, this scarlet tipple will add some fruity passion. Though the liqueur is great on its own, it’s also perfect in cocktails, so read on for some fab recipes!

The Crallini

Create the Cranes twist on a classic Bellini. Simply add 20ml of Cranes Cranberry and Blood Orange Liqueur into your chosen glass, then top up with 100ml prosecco. This is a delicious fruity cocktail, perfect for any prosecco lover.

Bloody St. Clementine’s

For a refreshing cocktail, create the Lemon Berry in a tall glass with plenty of ice. Add 35ml of Cranes Liqueur along with 15ml Limoncello and top with 150ml of Sicilian lemonade.

Scorching Cosmopolitan

Reinvent the famous cosmo for a Valentine’s-themed cocktail. Take your cocktail glass, add 25ml of Cranes liqueur, 20ml of Cranberry juice, 20ml of Vodka and finish by squeezing 1/4 of a lime. It’s a cocktail sure to stand out and add a special something to your meal.

Cranes Liqueur comes in an attractive 35cl glass bottle, is 20% vol, has a retail price of £15. Purchase your bottle online from Drink Cranes.

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