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During the summer months, it’s very easy to neglect a regimented skincare routine, due to humidity and inherent product slippage as a result. However there is nothing more inviting than sun-kissed, dewy skin. Now, of course, when I say sun-kissed, I don’t mean slathering on that much bronzer you look like you’ve face-dived an ash tray. The key is to keep products to a minimum and get the most out of them. Dehydrated skin will likely lead to break outs, so be sure to cleanse tone and moisturise. Follow the below products for uber fresh skin, fit for the summer season:

Dermalogica Pre-Cleanse Wipes


Cleansed skin is the perfect base to build products onto and these wipes are just the tool to do it. The pre-moistened wipes work to gently remove excess oils from the skin, as well as lift any remaining debris from make-up and sunscreens, etc. For a deeper cleanse lightly work water, into the individual wipes, to build up a rich creamy foam.

Apricot and aloe extracts are the perfect balance of a light fragrance, which will also combat redness and puffiness in the skin. The added extras of vitamin E and rice bran, will help to nourish the skin in conjunction with the cleansing properties. When using the wipes, ensure you work them in upwards motions, up the skin and neck, as pulling can drag the skin down and over time cause skin sagging.

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Neal’s Yard Rose & Mallow Moisturiser

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Heavy moisturisers are highly inappropriate for the warmer weather, as they will lead to clogged pores and the dreadful itchy sensation that can occur when skin succumbs to heat bursts.

I have been a great fan of Neal’s Yard products for many years and the rich blend of natural ingredients gives complete peace of mind that your skin is in the best of hands – for want of a better statement.

This particular product is very lightweight and is ideal for daily wear after the skin has been suitably cleansed. The rose extracts help to counteract redness and balance out the skin, while the decadent mallow and almond work in harmony to smooth and soften.

Illamasqua Gleam Bronzer in Supernatural

illamasqua-gleam-supernatural (2)

Bronzers are the easiest way to get a summer glow, like you’ve just stepped foot off a private jet. However it has a vast array of bad press, due to the incorrect application by most novices. The tip is to build up colour, rather than thrash around half a compact for the face alone. The difference with bronzer and contouring, for example, is that contouring gives structure to the face, whereas bronzers are used to pick out areas of the skin that, when naturally exposed to the sun, will in turn deepen in colour. This is why it’s important to keep layers soft, light and gently built for a dewy finish to the skin.

Use a large kabuki brush and gently work into the compact in a clockwise motion, tapping the brush to eradicate any excess product fall-out. Glide over the temples, tops of the cheeks, bridge of the nose, not forgetting the neck and funnily enough the ears.

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Transformulas Eye Radiance


Heat and harmful UV rays can speed up the ageing process and cause irreversible damage to the skin. This product, however, works to not only conceal areas of pigmentation and breakouts, but also to highlight at the same time. Ideal for touch ups on the go, this product contains a vast array of ingredients that help to conceal and cover, deeply moisturise, fight puffiness and dark circles, and reduces expression lines around the eyes. This is pretty neat for such a small product, which is why the price tag is very much justifiable. Clinical trials – with outstanding results – have further founded my loyalty to this product. It offers exactly what it endeavours to.

Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips


What do Naomi Campbell, Emma Watson and Alexa Chung all have in common? It appears this cheekily titled lip balm. Also favoured by make-up artists, it is a make-up kit essential, which is the only way to nourish your lips. The product itself is 100% pure and natural, with a tasteless and odourless quality, which is key to offering a product that actually works and side steps gimmicky glosses, in the market place.

The texture is very thick but glides onto the lips with a buttery soft finish and even though it offers sheen to the lips, it doesn’t feel sticky like some lip glosses can. A small amount is all that’s necessary, to create a lasting barrier for the lips. This can be applied using a cotton bud or Q-tip, to get a flush of product, to give those desirable, kissable lips.

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The name itself was a direct result of the initial product usage, which was a nipple balm. Since developing and expanding, it has proven to be a saviour for lips. In addition to this product purpose, it can also be used as a highlighter to get a dewy glow, by adding a small amount to the brow bone and tops of the cheekbones.

Are you looking to have amazing skin this summer? Try out these tips and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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