London Collections: Men – Day Two

Matthew Hoy
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Richard James

“You know you are truly alive when you’re living among lions.” It feels appropriate to begin with this quote from the famous novel Out of Africa as James took us on a colonial inspired trek into his wardrobe for next season. Military elements also featured with shoulder pads and hard-hats. The clean, khaki and white, palette was given a modern twist with botanic-print shirts and the occasional hint of pink. This collection truly is truly majestic and harks back to an era of excitement and exploration as men’s fashion is now truly embarking on a new phase of experimentation.


We were treated to an exquisite collection highlighting splendid tailoring and interestingly enough a cast of models from across generations. The colour palette was quite reserved with greys, blues and white with the majority of fabrics featuring a chequered pattern. There were hints of floral and the pocket square peaked-out here and there. Quite simply an elegant collection with an underlying masculinity.

Margaret Howell

The modern take on the suit took centre stage here with a neutral palette of white and charcoal-grey. Later in the show blues and a sap-green appeared to. Cravats featured through-out the collection hinting towards a much more casual, more archaic form of the tie as we know it. The man-bag has most definitely made its mark as part of the modern-man’s outfit and once again bare-ankles were in, perhaps in praise of Thom Brownes’ contributions to the modern-man’s business attire.

John Smedley

We were treated to a rainbow of colours at Smedley’s exhibition. Horizontal colour bands featured prominently on cardigans and tight-knit jerseys. Golf shirts and jersey-shorts were also on display. The colour bands were woven together with great skill giving the illusion of a sophisticated tie-dye. Smedley proved that the cardigan is a must-have item of the summer/spring closet and he has ensured that colour remains infused in our wardrobe.

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