Throwback Thursday! The Rise and Fall (and Rise) of Denim Dungarees

Elliot Rose

Welcome to Throwback Thursday. Every week, we’ll be bringing you a blast from the past to put a smile on your face. From old school TV, to ad campaigns from days gone by, the history of fashion is littered with potential comedy gold.

Gentlemen, spring is officially with us and there’s a new player on the scene for menswear, and it’s coming at you straight from 1994. In the style of anti-fashion riot grrrls from the decade before last, dungarees are making a play to be the freshest way to wear denim this summer. As per usual, this has been on the radar of womenswear for a while, and now it’s trickling down to the mens department, with many high street stores offering a variation. Yesterday, I bought a pair from Topman which I am officially obsessed with. They’re limited edition, so only available online and at the labyrinthine flagship store on London’s Oxford Circus. Grab them while stocks last, or if you have a good supply of vintage stores on your doorstep, go for an authentically battered pair.

The last time I wore denim dungarees, John Major was the prime minister and broadband internet was just a twinkle in some scientist’s eye. The image below is me at age two wearing an outfit that coincidentally is quite on trend twenty years later. Obviously I’ve been steadily fashionable from a very young age. That navy and cream baseball jacket is totally to die for.


However, this brings us on to the problem of the denim dungaree: the risk of looking like a giant baby, a farmer or a giant baby farmer. Not cute, especially if you have a beard. Like, can you imagine a giant baby with a beard? Disturbing. Anyway, the best way to circumvent this issue is to keep the rest of your outfit fairly mature. Dungarees look cute with Converse, but to add a more urban edge and stay away from looking too ‘vintage’, go for Nike Air Max or similar. On a similar note, avoid pattern of print under your dungarees. It’ll be too much going on, and you’ll look like an East London wannabe crawling back from a warehouse party in the middle of the day. Keep underneath layers plain and pale coloured, which is more flattering. Alternatively if it’s hot outside and you’ve got the summer body going on, lose the underneath layer altogether and work on your base tan whilst being stylistically on point.

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