Forage for your Dinner at Huntsham Court

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This autumn, Huntsham Court will be hosting the first ever F.E.A.S.T Project. This organic foodie package offers guests the opportunity to experience hunting, fishing and foraging for their dinner in their natural surroundings. After experiencing the Devon outdoors and seeking out their meal, it will be transformed into a luxury meal by a top chef. This thrilling adventure will take place at exquisite Victorian Gothic mansion, Huntsham Court.

After a breakfast time briefing, guests are assigned to teams and taken to separate locations around the valley. Each team will be guided by a dedicated and skilled expert. The teams’ mission is to either fish, forage, (clay) shoot, butcher, or otherwise source and prepare the food for delivery to the mansion, where the chef will be waiting to create a gourmet banquet from individual teams’ contributions.

On return to Huntsham Court, guests will be rewarded for their efforts with pre-dinner drinks served in the elegant library whilst their ingredients are turned into a delicious feast, which is to be enjoyed in the formal dining room. Finally, guests will retire to one of the 34 luxurious bedrooms for a well-earned night’s sleep. Bookings for autumn 2016 are now being accepted and prices will start from £750 per person (for a variety of one day-two night packages).

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Click here for further information about the hotel and here for further information about the F.E.A.S.T. project.

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