Quaglino’s partner for Glenfiddich whiskey cocktails

Quaglino’s Glenfiddich whiskey cocktail
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Whether whiskey is your initial tipple of choice or not, Glenfiddich partnership with London’s hedonistic venue Quaglino’s has produced a Glenfiddich whiskey cocktail menu, with a beverage that everyone will enjoy, available throughout March.

The collaborative menu allowed the bartenders at Quaglino’s to let their creative juices (spirits, bitters and mixers) flow. The theme for the menu is Scottish legends and myths, so here are the Glenfiddich whiskey cocktails on offer.

Kelpies (£12.75)

A Kelpie is a mythical water horse that is said to haunt Scotland’s lochs and lonely rivers. It is made with Glenfiddich 12 whiskey, apple and lemon juice shaken with pear and homemade pimento dram and a drop of of the Spanish Licor 43 to add some vanilla notes. We enjoyed the dusting of nutmeg on the outside of the glass to compliment the complex flavours, and the playful presentation with dried pear slice on the glass.

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Wulver (£16)

A Wulver in the Shetland Islands, is a werewolf with a man’s head. Wulvers were reported to frequently leave fish on the windowsills of poor families. This cocktail has by far the strangest combination we have ever tasted, of Glenfiddich 18 whiskey with avocado, sesame oil and fresh lemon. The avocado does quash the flavour of the whiskey, but if you’re a fan of the quirky, this is nothing like a protein shake or smoothie, so worth a try.

Nessie (£25)

The most expensive drink on the menu, Nessie is one of Scotland’s most famous unsolved mysteries – the Loch Ness monster. The Nessie’s price tag reflects the elegant mix of the 21 year aged Glenfiddich whiskey, with sloe gin and cacao and a drop of oak bitter to finish. The Nessie is served in a wooden chalice on a bed of samphire and kelp within a marine glass shell. This cocktail was exceptionally smooth, and completely surprising how well sloe gin and cacao compliment the aged whiskey flavours. Whilst the presentation may be flamboyant, the cocktail itself is elegant indulgence.

Selkies (£12.75)

A selkie is a mythical creature that can transform from seal to human and back again. The Selkie on the menu is neither of these, and in this case a dessert cocktail using Glenfiddich 15 whiskey shaken with Antica Formula, absinthe sugar, nut and chocolate liqueur presented in a glass entirely dusted in cocoa powder. Definitely one for both chocolate and whiskey fans, neither will be disappointed.

The Spider (£12.75)

The Spider is based on the story of Roberto the Bruce, who was sent in exile from the King of England Edward I. Bruce was hiding in a cave when he saw a spider spinning a web from one side of the cave to the other. The persistency of the spider inspired Roberto to fight the English army and get his Scotland back. Whilst we cannot guarantee The Spider cocktail will imbue Roberto’s strength of persistence, this Colling’s style drink is made with Glenfiddich 12, shaken with camomile sugar and lemon. It is served with a sprig of fresh mint, bamboo soda and a bamboo leaf – a fascinating, boldly presented drink that is likely to prove very popular.

Quaglino’s is located on 16 Bury Street, London, SW1Y 6AJ.

For more information and to book a table at bar to enjoy a Glenfiddich whiskey cocktail, visit quaglinos-restaurant.co.uk.

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