7 reasons why you should add Japan to your bucket list

Adam Lowe

Japan is the vibrant country where modernity and traditionalism come to meet, placing it firmly at the top of destination wish lists. We’ve teamed up with epic group trip provider Topdeck, to share the top 7 reasons why you should too!

Treat your taste buds to the local cuisine

The only way to fully immerse yourself in Japanese culture is to get stuck into the local cuisine. Not only is it incredibly tasty but Japanese delicacies are often very healthy and affordable too.

Some of the top authentic, must try foods are Okonomiyaki (a Japanese pancake), Mochi (chewy rice cakes) and, of course, ramen.

Experience the weird and wonderful

Japan is home to experiences no other destination can top.

Tick a few of these off your bucket list with a stay in one of the many capsule hotels, a trip on a high-speed bullet train, take a carriage through the bamboo forests or drink tea like never before at a traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

Ski through

Japan’s vast mountainous landscape tips it to top of the list for most desirable locations to ski for any avid skier.

Perhaps due to the quality of the powder snow that is brought in every year by the cold Siberian winds which leaves behind ideal conditions for the perfect ski. The popularity of these ski routes means there are plenty of group tours to join, like the ‘Ski Japan’ tour.

It’s a great way to meet likeminded people or even get involved in a bit of competitive skiing!

sharonang / Pixabay

Admire the beautiful architecture

You can’t go far in Japan without experiencing a real treat for the eyes due to the traditional Japanese architecture.

The incredibly beautiful buildings were bought about by the Buddhist movement in Japan and are often built in brightly coloured wood decking and elevated of off the ground, giving a real sense of awe.

Definitely one for the ‘gram!

Pexels / Pixabay

Awe at Mount Fuji

Get away from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo city and be amazed by the majestic Mount Fuji, towering high above the clouds at 3,377m high.

At the very base of the mountain you can find the magical Fujiyoshida Sengen Shrine, traditionally the location where many pilgrims came to pray before starting their climb of the sacred mountain.

kimura2 / Pixabay

Explore Toyko

Tokyo has something for everyone. From Disney and robot restaurants to the Senso Ji Temple, you won’t be short for things to do in this city.

The ultra-fast pace of Tokyo is exactly what the city is loved for – so make sure to experience the hectic lifestyle like a local by visiting the famous intersection by Shibuya Station, apparently the busiest crossing in the whole world so make sure you stop, look and listen.

Delve into the history of Japan

Hiroshima is a must visit if you are keen to discover more about the history of the country. Destroyed in the Second World War, the city is home to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, an experience which lets you step back in time and discover the story of Japan’s rich history.

derwiki / Pixabay

See all that Japan has to offer on the 8 day ‘Japan Express’ tour from Topdeck. The trip takes you from the fast pace of Tokyo, to the culinary delights of Osaka.

For more information on Topdeck, visit topdeck.travel.

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