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AIDSArk will be hosting a Dinner for One event on Saturday 2 April 2016. The charity started its ‘Dinner for One’ fundraiser back in 2012 and has since raised over £80,000 through this annual event.

The concept is simple: host a dinner party for friends at home. Each guest makes a donation to AIDSArk so that each dinner raises at least £300. Each dinner then funds the ARV medication and associated care that will save the life of one person living with HIV in the developing world for a year. Without this funding, the person would not have access to medication and is likely to die.

Every penny of every pound raised by AIDSArk goes directly to funding medication and associated medical care with all costs covered by the founder trustees, and all time and materials donated or given for free.

This year’s Dinner for One event will be followed by an afterparty at private members’ club Eight Club in Bank, with special act Le Gateau Chocolat.

To sign up to host a dinner or to buy tickets to the afterparty at Eight Club visit at aidsark.org.

AIDSArk Dinner for One
Saturday 2 April 2016 – evening
Venue: Your home

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