Sink the Pink Winter Ball at Troxy – Review

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Last week I was invited to attend the Sink the Pink event at Troxy London for a friend’s birthday.

And wow, what a show it was! For £22 a ticket it was amazing and the phrase ‘camp as Christmas’ certainly springs to mind.

The theme for the night was fire and ice, and much of the crowd made the effort to dress up. Some of the outfits were so good I couldn’t tell how old their wearers were or whether they were male or female. Some were just batshit crazy and fun. Everyone seemed to delight in the camp spectacle, and absolutely no one minded having their picture taken.

The hosts did a spectacular job informing and entertaining. The venue itself was astounding. The Troxy is a converted Grade II-listed cinema in the art deco style (that’s from the 1920s, you know) and retains all its character, the opulence adding to the over-the-top campness. There were stalls selling T-shirts, various fluffy garments and face-painting for anyone not already sparkly enough.

The night started off with some great performances which set the mood for the evening and got everyone dancing. With a huge dance floor downstairs and a massive seating area on the upstairs balcony, there was plenty of room to shake your bits or take the pressure off the high heels.

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There was never a dull moment. We were treated to performances from Bright Light Bright Light and Sophie Ellis-Bext0r, who sounds astounding live.

Halfway through the night there was a small competition for those who made the effort for the theme and had obviously spent a lot of money and time on their outfits. We had a celebrity guest panel, which included Will Young, who was even sporting a dress for the occasion.

I couldn’t say a bad word about the event. The staff were all very friendly and everything seemed to be very well organised. There were numerous bars and toilets dotted around the place so you never had to queue for long to get to either.

Prices for drinks are what you would expect for London and the only advice I would give to people is not to be afraid of dressing up or looking out of place. If I had known what to expect, I would have happily worn my full blue rubber suit!

This night was one of the best nights out I’ve had in a long time and I would recommend it to anyone.

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