Big Brother: TimeBomb – Eviction Prediction 8

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With only a week to go until the final of Big Brother, I’m struggling to pick a winner. None of them have particularly done anything to deserve the crown. This series hasn’t been the most entertaining, so it’s no wonder they twisted it with the 4-in-4-out bomb, and later the time bomb.

Danny is the hero, Cristian is the gorgeous babe, Chloe is loveable, Nick is desperate to fulfil his dream – but they’re all fundamentally boring.

I’m going to call it here – I want Harry to win. She is the only truly consistent housemate.

As always, Vada brings you the lowdown on the nominated housemates and try and predict who’ll be booted out.


Chloe Wilburn

Chloe is starting to show her true colours this week, as cash bombs explode over the house.

I truly think she is only in the house for the experience, and doesn’t care about the money, but she is coming across quite vicious as she disagrees with the other housemates, and she’s arguing with Jack, who is meant to be her best friend in the house. Money brings out the worst in us all.

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I think Chloe is the only guaranteed safe housemate this week. There is no way she’ll be booted out.

Harry Amelia


I have really changed my opinion on Harry, and I now find her to be one of the only really engaging and entertaining housemates. I do feel sorry for her, because it is quite clear that she is depressive, but she is rubbing up the housemates for all the right reasons.

During a recent task in which she and Nick had to remain separated Harry could quite easily have left the garden to allow Nick into the bathroom. Did she? Did she fuck! She stayed there just to be a dick, and I loved her for it.

But I’ll tell you why I truly love her now. She called Jack down. She said that Jack can dole out criticism and nominations but that he cannot accept any criticism thrown at him, and he gets moody with each and every nomination, even if the reasons are justified. SHE IS SO RIGHT! Jack is a dick, Harry is a babe.

HARRY TO WIN. She might even crack a smile if she wins!


Jack McDermott

Need I really lament how much I despise Jack yet again? Just read my reasons for the past two weeks.

Suffice it to say, Jack is moody, complains when he doesn’t get his own way, and is greedy, selfish and lazy. If he makes the final I’ll struggle to watch it.


Big Brother


I can’t quite make my mind up on Sam, but if I’m entirely honest I’d much rather she won than any of the originals. If my babe Harry doesn’t win, Sam has to, just because of the looks on the rest of the housemates’ faces.

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Brian Belo is the only non-original housemate to win Big Brother and I think it’s time a second one did. As much as you love or hate Marc and Simon, these two alongside Sam and Harry have made this series.

Who goes? YOU decide…

Well, it just has to be Jack, right? How the hell he survived the previous two weeks I have no idea, but if he survives again this week I’m going to break into the Big Brother house and set fire to his dressing gown.

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