Pretty Hurts – A Global Anthem

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Many celebrities claim they’re champions of the underdog. That they are against discrimination and bullying but up until the 13th of December 2013 no one has tackled the concept of “beauty” Beyonce did this with her new song – Pretty Hurts.

The diva who is bootylicious and told us to put it in a box to the left. The pop-star that asked “if I was a boy” and said she’s irreplaceable has given an anthem for everyone. Regardless of sex, sexual orientation or race, beauty is an international piece of propaganda which has become a fundamental part of the social constitution. Which says, be beautiful or die trying.

In every culture worldwide there is a standard of “beauty” and with the spread of western ideologies it is no surprise that the western ideal of beauty has become an international phenomenon. This is a major problem in the global community.

Beyonce’s video makes use of rather explicit imagery documenting the extremes to which we go to attain “beauty”. Eating disorders have become common place and I would be lying if I said I have never attempted extreme measures to keep “in check”. In recent years a new form of anorexia has developed especially amongst boys where they make use of excessive exercise and just eat less to ensure that they lose weight.

And yes people will say obesity is on the rise, but in the world right now I guarantee you that there is some young girl or boy with stomach cramps because they refuse to eat. Some girl with a finger down her throat attempting to make herself sick. Some guy running on a treadmill to the point of pure exhaustion because he’s “too ugly to get a date”.

I myself have struggled with weight issues, I was called chubby as a young child because I didn’t do sport at school, mainly to avoid bullies. And then at the age of 14 I was called fat and I spent my school years avoiding meals in an attempt to look better. I have struggled with eating in public because I was afraid of what people might think. I am dealing with these issues but it is a constant struggle.

Beyonce’s video honestly had me in tears, because this is a reality. Daily people are killing themselves to be accepted, straight and queer. It is an issue that perhaps could bring both sides of the divide together. I may only be 20 but I know already that someday I want to have children of my own, and I truly pray that my children won’t ever feel inadequate or not pretty.

Your aspiration in life should never be to be “pretty” because you will never please everyone, as Beyonce says “Perfection is the disease of a nation”. But if your aspiration is to be happy, there is NOTHING stopping you! What other people say/think becomes irrelevant. You need to channel your inner Beyonce-diva. I mean she has the audacity to release an album without warning, and because she did so with confidence it is going to go from strength-to-strength. She knows she is talented. She is doing what she loves. She is happy, and because she is happy with herself, her music makes you happy.

In closing “Plastic smiles and denial can only take you so far”. Don’t let the falseness of society rub-off on you. Be you. Be free. Be wild! If we were to all have fake-smiles and try be all prim and proper there would be no beauty in the world. Beauty comes from within, it’s a feeling. And being yourself straight or queer is you allowing yourself to be happy regardless of what society might say. Choose happiness, choose to be you!

As Beyonce says “Pretty Hurts, Shine the light on whatever’s worse, Perfection is a disease of a Nation, Pretty Hurts. Tryna fix something, but you can’t fix what you can’t see, its the soul that needs surgery”

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