Final Fantasy Theatrhythm Curtain Call contest!

Listen up, Theatrhythm fans! Square Enix has announced a new contest as part of their ‘Legacy for Music’ campaign for Final Fantasy Curtain Call with some money-can’t-buy prizes and the chance to be a part of a magical musical experience!

To enter the competition, fans must create a music video of themselves performing the main Final Fantasy theme, no longer than 90 seconds, and including a sign stating their favourite game of the series.

Judged by the legendary Final Fantasy composer, Nobuo Uematsu, the grand prize includes a trip for two to the incredibly beautiful Distant Worlds: Final Fantasy concert, signed copies of a 3DS system and a collector’s edition of the game, and official soundtracks of every title game. Runner ups will also win signed copies of the game and mini action figures.

To gain inspiration for their music videos, fans can see the new trailer here. The vignette shows Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core being included in the game, which will be much to the delight of fans of the series.


New screenshots and vignette have been released for Curtain Call and it has a versus mode! The new video spot can be seen here and it shows new scenes from Final Fantasy VIII, X & X-2, so if you’ve wanted to see sprites of Jecht, Auron and Payne, go watch it!

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Versus mode also looks great fabulous! ‘Squall Vs. Seifer’ and ‘Tidus Vs. Jecht’ are two examples of the new feature shown in the vignette, but if you’ve wanted an answer to the age old question  of who would win a funky rhythm battle between Tifa and Aerith, here’s the place to see it! … It’d blates be Tifa, just saying.