Vada’s foodie Christmas gift guide 2017

Vada’s foodie Christmas gift guide 2017
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It cannot be ignored, Christmas is rapidly approaching. In less than two weeks we will all be opening presents, assuming they have been bought. For those foodie friends, relatives or partners (or just domestic goddesses) who are struggling to clarify what they may way, Vada’s foodies Christmas Gift Guide below should provide some inspiration.

Vada’s foodie Christmas gift guide 2017 Geo glasses

Geo Glasses

It’s about time the humble drinks tumbler had a new look and Root 7 are the people to do this. Introducing the Geo Glass, taking inspiration from modern terrariums notice the unique angular shape, emphasised by the beautiful metallic styled edges. The glasses come in two colours: Black £12 and Gold £14. They are also available as a twin-pack.

Vada’s foodie Christmas gift guide 2017 Ombre mug

Ombré Mug

As the perfect winter warmer the Ombré Mug uses a beautiful 2 tone matte gradient, individually hand sprayed to make every mug unique. Magma for a fiery personality, Auruora for when you just need to chill and Flamingo for that tropical feeling.
£9 each in either colour: Aurora, Flamingo, and Magma.

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Vada’s foodie Christmas gift guide 2017 GandTea

G&Tea Cocktail Gift Set

It’s gin o’clock with the G&Tea Cocktail Gift Set, fabulously sophisticated notice the use of high quality rainbow tinted borosilicate glass with a shining gold pattern to really add the wow factor, you’re ready for serving your next cocktail in style. Price: £30.

Vada’s foodie Christmas gift guide 2017 Neon Mug

Neon Mugs

The chic and stylish Neon Mugs are a thing of beauty, made from Bone China they stand out from the crowd and demand to be admired. With such vibrant use of color they are sure to brighten up anyone’s mood. Price: £7.50 each.

Vada’s foodie Christmas gift guide 2017 Bartenders collection

Bartender’s Collection

Providing all you need to create the perfect cocktail enjoy a striking mix of new and old with Root 7’s Bartender’s Collection. Chic and stylish made from black titanium it’s both modern and contemporary, including all the necessities Cocktail Shaker, Strainer, Dual Jigger, Bar Spoon, Muddler and Bar Blade. Price: £100.

Vada’s foodie Christmas gift guide 2017 Hyperchiller

Hyperchiller Iced Coffee Maker

Not all coffee needs to be served piping hot! For most of us, making iced coffee at home is such a chore, we don’t even bother! We just let those clever physicists at the coffee shop make it for us – and shell out four or five dollars for the privilege. This rapid beverage chiller is the perfect solution for any desired cold drink!

Price: £32.99 from

Vada’s foodie Christmas gift guide 2017 Cranes Liqueur

Cranes liqueur

Cranes Liqueur is a delicious and smooth Cranberry & Blood Orange Liqueur, made with the finest cranberries from Wisconsin USA, along with blood orange juice and orange rind.

Cranes collaborated with one of the top UK mixologists to develop this divine hand crafted liqueur. There are over 160 cranberries that go into making our 70cl bottle. At 20% alcohol and perfectly balanced, it’s ideal for innovative cocktails. Try out the Cranes version of a Cosmopolitan below:

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  • 25ml Cranes Liqueur
  • 20ml Cranberry juice
  • 20ml Vodka
  • Squeeze 1/4 lime
  • Orange peel to garnish


  1. Fill a shaker with ice.
  2. Add 20ml Vodka, 25ml Cranes Cranberry & Blood Orange liqueur, 20ml cranberry juice and squeeze 1/4 of lime juice into the shaker.
  3. Shake until cold, approx 20 seconds.
  4. Using a cocktail strainer, strain the liquid into a martini glass.
  5. Using a sharp knife and a chopping board, cut a piece of orange peel and twist the peel onto the rim of the glass to garnish.

Price: £16.50 35CL in a gift box from

Vada’s foodie Christmas gift guide 2017 pop a ball prosecco


Pimp your prosecco with this Instagram-worthy, glittery gift set from Popaball. This ‘Pimp your Prosecco’ gift is a sparkling festive stocking filler for the fizz fan in your life.

The gift set has everything you need to give your fizz some extra sparkle, including a pot of raspberry, rose gold shimmer powder with edible gold leaf hearts, strawberry and peach bursting bubbles and a stocking-sized liqueur of your choice – including Chambord, Disaronno and Crème de Cassis. For a touch of glam and glitz this Christmas, simply add the magical bursting bubbles and sprinkle of shimmer powder to a flute of Prosecco, top with a dash of liqueur and enjoy!

Price: £22.79 from

Vada’s foodie Christmas gift guide 2017 Professional Pastry Set up Recipes Maxime Osmont

Professional Pastry: Set up Recipes – by Maxime Osmont

Maxime Osmont, head pastry chef at London’s famous The Mondrian Hotel, has released his debut recipe book, “Professional Pastry: Set up Recipes.” Created for professional pastry chefs and bakers, the book provides recipes and techniques utilizing brand new materials not found anywhere else. The solid and authentic recipes, all created by Osmont, will help chefs and bakers be more creative in their work.

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“Professional Pastry” provides easy to read and precise recipes with accurate scaling for chefs and bakers to create brand new tasty pastries such as Citrus Tart Bergamot, Pistachio Brioche, Pumpkin & Cardamom Cheesecake and much more. The book also features a selection of dietary recipes for those with food allergies. The book ISBN is: 9781524677312, and available from Amazon and other retailers. Priced at £41.99 in paperback

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