What to put in your mason jars

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Mason Jars are everywhere at the moment – you likely have one in one of your cupboards. Leading preservation stockists, Ball have recently added some wide necked jars to their endless catalogue. So what can you use your mason jar for?

Pickles, Jam and Salsa


Whether or not you’re a fan yourself, you could always get into pickle preservation and give them to someone as a gift. Maybe a house warming gift? Jam or Salsa may be more up your street depending if you like things sweet or spicy. The Ball website is full of recipes that you can follow to become the next jam and pickle connoisseur.

Mason Jar Salad


These salads seem to occupy a lot of space on pinterest and with good reason to. Mason jar salads allow you to transport your salad to work with ease and help separate out wet and dry ingredients. If you invest in a couple of jars, you can prepare lunch for a whole week, which will certainly give you a couple of extra minutes in bed of a morning. Plus they’re ridiculously pretty, even if you’re not the biggest fan of vegetables. Instagram ready lunch: check.

You can purchase mason and other preservation jars from Ball, here.

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