The Carnivale is coming to town!

Daniel John Lynch

On Sunday 8th June, something new and exciting will be arriving in the heart of London club land. Carnivale at Café de Paris.  Carnivale promises to be an evening of sensual delights. As you step in to the realm of the unknown fantasy, the night will leave you mesmerised, mystified and mortified.

Cafe De Paris, London’s iconic venue, with its 90-year history of importing the Parisian art form of cabaret will play host to a monthly event of a type that the city has never seen before. With its melange of current music provided by the most reputable of DJs and a mid-evening spectacle of the weird and wonderful, the finest of cabaret & alternative performance artists, this is an event to take Sunday evenings back to the glamour of the 20s.

With music provided by Kris Di Angelis (Room Service) and JoshYouAre (Sink the Pink), that alone would be enough to ensure that you have a great night. But when you then throw in some of the most affable and outgoing faces of the London scene, then you know that this is one hell of a party that the city will be talking about for a long time. Hosted by Johanna Londinium (Room Service), Martin Princess (Society), Mitchell Marion (#SecretParty) and John Murphy (WE Party), this is the crème de la crème of London’s partygoers. But Carnivale doesn’t stop there. What makes this night stand out leaps and bounds above any other club night in London (or even in the UK), are the dark circus cabaret acts. These are the top performers in this weird and wonderful land of ours.

On opening night, the master of ceremonies, Tristan Temple, will present the 2 shows throughout the evening in an uninterrupted showcase of musical & visual entertainment – always with a darker, more daring twist to the sometimes macabre spectacles. You can expect to see performances from Matt Q, Marnie Scarlet, Angelica Kluft and Andromeda Circus. All these acts offer something quite spectacular and also something quite freakish. If you’ve never seen them perform before, you are in for a real treat! This really is an evening for all lovers of the arts, in a unique and opulent grand venue.

Carnivale. Sunday 8th June. 7pm – 1am @ Café de Paris (3-4 Coventry Street, W1D 6BL) EXCLUSIVE OFFER FOR VADA READERS:  Vada readers can purchase tickets at the door for £5 rather than the standard £20. To take advantage of this amazing offer, email under the subject ‘VADA PROMO’. carnivale

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