August -The American Music Appreciation Month

James Dix

The music news keeps on coming this month. Our summer might be on its way out, but a new month of music is just beginning. Some of the biggest names in American music have new releases this August. Here is a list of four to look out for:

Get Like Me – Nelly

Nelly is back in music and he’s not alone. It is definitely ‘Hot in Herre’ as he is joined by Nicki Minaj and Pharrell Williams in his new single. If you love Pharrell collaborations, check out my previous article ‘Pharrell, can you be on my track?’.

The video was released on July 31st which is probably August in British time. What is so fantastic about this video is the twerking. Nicki busts her butt on a chair, twerking it up and down and up and down. Is it too much to ask for a Minaj vs. Cyrus twerk off at the next Video Music Awards?Warning, the video is explicit, spanking, smoking and swagger.


Roar – Katy Perry

Katy Perry says goodbye to her ‘California Gurls’ wig in a video teaser for new single ‘Roar’. Perry wears a ripped jumper and a choker whilst putting a lighter to her famous blue wig. It is pretty clear that Perry is saying goodbye to the fakery and going back to her true, bare nature.

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A raw sound perhaps? We can only speculate at the moment. A second promo shows her tour costume, that is worn in her concert movie and ‘Wide Awake’ video, placed on a coffin. The scene is full of mourners, but Katy is not upset.

August 12th is shown at the end of the videos with an animal print background for the release date of ‘Roar’. Divorcee Katy’s new album will be called Prism, so expect a song about colours.

Paradise Valley – John Mayer

John Mayer’s sixth album Paradise Valley will be released on August 20th. The date has been pushed back once already so if this changes again, it isn’t my fault.

Mayer may not have had a great deal of recognition over here in the UK, but he is quite good looking. He also dated Taylor Swift and she wrote a song about it, ‘Dear John’ from her album Speak Now.

Mayer is currently dating Katy Perry, yet it has been confirmed they will not be on each others’ albums. We might not have a video for the first single off this new album ‘Paper Doll’, though we do have a very unusual lyric video. Only the brave should watch it.

If these tantalising moves have you hooked, then it is time to turn country for the month.

Applause – Lady Gaga

Monsters be ready. Not to go to Monsters’ University, but for the return of Lady Gaga. If you want to see her on the big screen in a film though, get ready for Machete Kills.

Watch the new trailer below, Gaga plays La Chameleon. More importantly however, her new single ‘Applause’ will be released one week after Perry’s ‘Roar’. Battle cries ready, I predict a Twitter war #roaring vs. #applauding. The video will also be released August 19th.

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America you have done yourself proud.

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