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OMG. Game of Thrones fifth season is almost upon us.

The wait has been a long one, but if the teaser trailers are anything to go by, we’re certainly in for a rollicking ride of dragons, deceit, and death. Lots and lots of death. Who do you think will kick the bucket this season?

To celebrate the shows return, Vada brings you the lowdown on what has happened thus far, and what will be happening this season. We won’t be spoiling, but we’ll be teasing.

The Story So Far

When last we visited Westeros, Tyrion had just killed his father and his whore, and was boxed up and shipped to Essos, along with Varys. Jaime and Cersei appeared to finally affirm their love for one another, but you can just bet that the death of their father will put a stop to that somehow. Oedipus, and all that.

Sansa dyed her hair, and Arya journeyed to Braavos. The Stark girls are going in radically different directions this season – in particular Sansa, who will have a whole new storyline aside from the books. We’ll speculate on that in a moment. Consequently the Stark brother, Bran, has been dropped this season, which is probably for the best. Bran is boring.

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Brienne continued to be boring at the close of season 4, and not even the brutal murder of the Hound could change that. Brienne needs Lady Stoneheart to come, or else Brienne needs to die.

Reek and the newly named Ramsay Bolton were journeying to Winterfell when we last saw them, and Dany had bound two of her dragons in her pyramid crypts after the scorching of an innocent child.

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Season Five

Vada gave a more comprehensive, and spoilery, look to season five last year, so make sure to check that out if you don’t mind having EVERYTHING spoilt.

If you do, well, here are some teasers to whet your appetites.

The show runners have claimed that characters who have previously not met one another will cross paths this coming season, and we already know about one of them. The teaser poster infamously pits Tyrion against Drogon, after all.

But the internet is awash in rumours pertaining to Sansa’s new storyline, claiming that she’ll take the place of Jayne Poole and cross paths with Reek.

We’ll say no more on that matter, but we are aware that Sansa and Theon have previously encountered one another. But not as Reek. So expect this to occur.

Arya’s face-changing friend Jaqen H’ghar may or may not be returning. The actor most definitely is, though.

The shows first ever flashback will delve into the twisted history of Cersei Lannister and shed some light on why she is a bitch. Expect her storyline this season to be… revealing, shall we say.

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There most definitely was a reason to why Dany imprisoned two of her dragons, because when Drogon returns things get… fiery.

After the magnificent Oberyn Martell met a quick end last season, his Dorne counterparts will be introduced this season, along with the return of Cersei’s daughter Myrcella. Who? I hear you ask.

Myrcella hasn’t been season since season two, so it is understandable if you’ve forgotten her. Her return will be good though, once the boring Dornish politics are out of the way.

Join us next week as OMGame of Thrones kicks off. There’s only a few more days to wait…

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