Tyler Oakley – Why We Love Him

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The internet is a fantastic way to get your opinion across. The internet is also a fantastic way to entertain yourself for hours on end. Many people will turn to social media, many will turn to finding pointless facts, and many will sit and watch YouTube video after YouTube video after YouTube video. One of the main people that we loves to watch is Tyler Oakley.

We at Vada have mentioned him before. He is the 24-year-old who has made YouTube his career and also hosts ‘Top That!’, an online YouTube video series.

With almost 2.8 million subscribers and over 107 million views for over 270 videos, this sassy man has made something that he started as a freshman in college into something that has become a very successful career – something to be proud of and aspire to be. Here we look at some of the hilarious moments in his YouTube career so far.

One of my favourite videos, this collab with ‘Sprinkleofglitter’ aka Louise,  makes me physically chuckle every time I watch it. Who knew that a topic area so vomit inducing could be so hilarious? With over a million views it seems I’m not the only one!

The fact is that his mother is also amazing. This video gives Tyler that friendly edge that makes you just want to meet him, his Mum, and his entire family. Why not? Go Jackie!

The Helium Challenge is also hilarious, as is Tyler Oakley in general. This is a collab with fellow YouTuber Marcus Butler and sees them playing with helium balloons. The outcome is genius. However, by the end of it you will just be thinking, “How small is Tyler Oakley?”

Probably his biggest career highlight (we can only assume) would be the fact he hosted ‘1DDay,’ a live stream put together by You Generation which saw Tyler interview One Direction, who Tyler adores. Watched by millions, Tyler is one of few who have interviewed One Direction, and that is something to be immensely proud of.

Tyler Oakley will hopefully be around for a long time and continue to be successful. Promoting gay rights and becoming one of the most popular people on YouTube is definitely something to make Tyler one of the most recognisable role models on YouTube today. As a bonus video here is his first YouTube video that isn’t private and you can see just how far he’s come.

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