Prince George turns one: a belated happy birthday

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Can you believe it that a year ago yesterday the Royal Family welcomed baby George into the world and Britain opened its hearts to the young prince? Whilst the stiff upper lip is apparent this toddler is most definitely a cute one.

Yesterday, despite the wishes of the paparazzi, Prince George spent his birthday amidst family at a tea party. One never knows with children, but I don’t think the surreal lifestyle he was born into has hit home yet. Bodyguards, trips across the globe and gifts from adoring fans are his normal. The future King’s life will be better documented than that of even the most well-attended child.

Amongst his presents this year was a diamond-encrusted nail clipper set (a gift from a private citizen rather than taxpayers’ money) and apparently Pippa has been making her rounds through London – more specifically at Blue Almonds in Chelsea.

Since everyone here at Vada was fighting over the chance to write this into our history books (they actually weren’t), I would like to take this moment in my personal capacity to wish Prince George a very happy birthday. To his parents I wish much wisdom and patience as their young boy grows up.

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